Student Spotlight: William & Mary, Anthony Simmons

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Military veteran Anthony Simmons chose to pursue his MBA at William & Mary School of Business after serving 10 years in the US Army. Read more about his experience below!


Q: How did you choose your MBA program? What are your program’s greatest assets?

A: I wanted to attend an MBA Program that was military veteran friendly and had a class size that was not too big. Everyone I met at the Admissions Office was very warm and friendly. After sitting through a few lectures, I quickly realized I could see myself here. Beyond the world-class faculty, I would say one of the program’s greatest assets is the Executive Partner Program (EPP). The Executive Partners are retired/semi-retired business executives that know what today’s companies are looking for in MBAs. The EPs provided me with invaluable insight and perspective on various industries as well as developing my personal brand.


Q: What have been the biggest challenges of pursuing your MBA?

A: The biggest challenge of pursuing my MBA has been managing my fear of missing out (FOMO). Beyond my specialization in marketing, there is a multitude of courses in other specializations that I would like to experience. Unfortunately, two years is not enough time to experience them all, so I must prioritize what matters the most to me.


Q: How did you decide that an MBA was the next step for you?

A: I was selected for promotion to Major after about 10 years of service in the US Army. As I looked forward to the next decade, I realized my career progression would lead me away from what I valued most: being in front of the troops. After spending the last six years overseas developing leaders in places such as Europe and Asia, I felt it was time to pursue my own personal goal of obtaining an MBA.


Q: How do you fund your MBA? Can you offer any advice to students looking to finance their MBA?

A: My service in the US Army allowed me to fully qualify for the Post 9/11 GI Bill. I encourage all soldiers thinking about transitioning out of military service or that have already transitioned out talk to their local Veteran Affairs Office in order to learn about educational benefits they qualify for. Additionally, look for schools that participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program in order to help lessen the burden of tuition costs.


Q: Have you had an internship during your MBA experience? How has this internship relate to your future career goals?

A: I interned with American Airlines as a Commercial Strategy Intern this past summer. It was a great opportunity to apply the lessons learned in the classroom to help solve some of the most challenging problems facing the airline industry. I analyzed the market competition and built financial models in order to look for opportunities that would add value to American Airlines. In the future, I would like to work in a corporate strategy role. The hands-on experience gained from my internship will be invaluable to my future success.


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