The Ultimate MBA Gift Guide

Posted by The MBA Tour on 15 December 2015 / 0 Comments

It's that time of the year again! The holiday season is in full swing and our gift giving lists are getting longer and longer Yet, have no fear. We've selected the best items for the MBA student in your life. If you are that MBA student, why not treat yourself?!

1. Passport Holder (40 USD)

Every jet-setting MBA student needs a sleek and stylish way to keep to protect their passport. A fun pattern keeps your passport visible and recognizable during transit.

2. Fitbit (99.95 USD)

When studying all day long it's hard to remember to get up and stretch your legs, let alone go for a run! This little gadget tracks your activity and even your sleep pattern, all syncing to a handy phone and computer app. You can even set alarms for it to remind you to get up and move!

3. Mindfulness Coloring Book (9.95 USD)

You may be thinking: A coloring book? That's for children! However, coloring has been found to be a great stress relief and mindfulness activity for busy adults. Take a moment to recenter yourself and reconnect to your kindergarden days.

4. Polaroid Snap 10.0 Megapixel Digital Camera (99.99 USD)

MBA students are always hopping between trips, events, and outings, which means one thing: lots of photos! Bring your Instagram feed to life with this clever camera that allows you to instantly print photos. Take your memories from digital to decor in a matter of seconds!

5. Personalized Stationary (65 USD/25 Cards)

While MBA students might spend the majority of their time emailing, nothing says professional like customized stationary. Hand written notes will always be the best way to send a letter to a professor, colleague, or prospective business partner.

6. NatureBox Subscription (13.95 USD/month)

Because snacks! Healthy, delicious snacks delivered to your door! A subscription to NatureBox will provide a fresh batch of goodies delivered to that MBA student who you know is in desperate need of a study snack!

7. Good Vibes Pillow (39 USD)

Even if they don't have time to sleep, keep an MBA student calm and relaxed with this cute pillow!

8. Intention Tracker Notepad (6.99 USD)

Say goodbye to the boring old to-do list. This notepad helps you organize what needs to get done and set up your daily goals in an orderly manner. Plus, the single sheets allow you to bring the page with you between classes.

9. Professional Laptop Bag (174 USD)

With all the high profile meetings and interviews they'll be attending, give your MBA student the gift of dapper and dashing looking laptop bag. It'll house all their gadgets, plus their resumes!

10. Texture Magazine Tablet Subscription (14.95 USD/month)

A good read is never far away with the Texture Magazine App. It allows your to access hundreds of magazines straight from your iPad or tablet, allowing for your MBA student to kick back and enjoy the newest articles.

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