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4 Ways an MBA Abroad Can Help You Get Hired

Posted by The MBA Tour on 07 June 2016 / 0 Comments

Disney's theme park jingle had it right: "It's a small world after all." Our globe is now more interconnected than ever, and with it so is the business world. For this reason, employers are prioritizing international experience and heavily recruiting graduates who demonstrate an understanding of the global business world. GMAC stated in their "2015 Corporate Recruiters Survey Report," that "among the employers who reported plans to hire a recent business school graduate in 2015, 29% plan to hire an international candidate." These international students are both those who are hoping to work outside of their home country, as well as those who attended business school abroad

Pursuing your MBA outside of your home country adds extreme value to your candidacy when searching for a job after graduation. Here are 4 key benefits that will help you stand out amongst the applicant pool:

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