MBA Scholarships and Funding Opportunities in Europe - Part 2

Posted by The MBA Tour on 04 June 2015 / 0 Comments

More Good News!

It is no secret that pursuing an MBA is expensive and funding this degree is a challenge for young professionals, but fear not, we have more good news regarding affordability! Not only are there countless loans and scholarships available to students who take the time to do the research and applications, but a recent turn in Europe's economy makes European MBA programs even more enticing.

Europe's current economy is making an MBA increasingly obtainable. Unfortunately for Europe their economy has taken a hit recently with the depreciation of the Euro. Currently the Euro is at its lowest in 12 years, with many economists predicting it will continue to fall below the value of a dollar in coming years. Tuition rates have not increased as much as the Euro has depreciated, making it less expensive to pursue an MBA in Europe than it has been in recent years. Now students pursuing their MBA in Europe not only reduce their opportunity cost by completing their degree in accelerated programs compared to the longer US programs, but also benefit from declining tuition costs.

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MBA Scholarships and Funding Opportunities in Europe

Posted by The MBA Tour on 31 May 2015 / 0 Comments
There is a lot of good news!

One of the biggest challenges confronting people who wish to pursue an MBA is how to pay for it. MBA programs anywhere in the world are expensive but there is good news. There are many new scholarships and loans available than ever before. Although the research takes time, it will be very rewarding! We are including some examples of scholarship opportunities to jump start your research.

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Financing the Dream: Your First MBA Decision

Posted by TheMBATour on 04 October 2011 / 0 Comments

By Peter von Loesecke, CEO Managing Director, The MBA Tour

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