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Profile: UC Riverside, Emily Yang

Posted by TheMBATour on 21 September 2017 / 0 Comments

Emily Yang, MBA alumna, talks about how her classmates influenced her MBA experience while at UC Riverside School of Business.

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Advice from Alumni

Alumni Advice: From Classroom to Career

Posted by TheMBATour on 18 May 2017 / 0 Comments

Name: Daniel Seixas 

School: HKUST, MBA Class of 2016 

Profession: Latam CITIzens Management Associate at Citi, Brazil

After growing up in Brazil, Europe, the US, and Canada, Daniel set his sights on Hong Kong to pursue his MBA at HKUST. With 6 years of experience in the financial sector under his belt, he knew his MBA would help him develop his skill set and gain a better understanding of working in Asia. He shares the lessons he learned from a standout course "Venture Capital and Private Equity" taught by acclaimed professor Larry Frank. Learn how the course and his MBA experience at HKUST has influenced his career path. 


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Advice from Alumni

Alumni Advice: What to Do at a Career Crossroads

Posted by TheMBATour on 11 May 2017 / 0 Comments

Name: Sharon Leung 

School: HKUST, MBA Class of 2016 

Profession: Channel Support Account Manager, Reseller Operations at Apple, Hong Kong

Are you at a career crossroads? Perhaps you've been at your current role for multiple years and want more room to grow. Maybe you're eyeing an entirely new field. Either way, an MBA can be your key to achieving a higher level role or breaking into a new industry.

Recent HKUST MBA alumna, Sharon Leung, knew that she wanted more out of her career.

"I think I was at the point in my career where I realized that there were certain holes missing in my experience....just having that understanding of business value chain or business strategy insights... which really led me to pursue an MBA."

Currently working for Apple in Hong Kong, Sharon shares her decision making process to leave her corporate accounting job to pursue an MBA and develop the business skillset she needed for professional development. Listen to her advice for prospective MBA students on making the most of your MBA program and utilizing your experiences for a successful career transition.

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Advice from Alumni

Alumni Advice: Customizing Your MBA

Posted by TheMBATour on 08 May 2017 / 0 Comments

An MBA can help shape your future.  Whether it's connecting you with the right network, helping you to discover a career path, or even opening your eyes to new learning experiences and cultures, there is no doubt that your program will be impactful.

Just as an MBA will mold you, it's important to in turn customize the program to adapt and benefit your learning style and passions. With endless course options, on campus activities, and numerous opportunities some students can get swept away or feel overwhelmed. 

Recent UC Riverside A. Gary Anderson School of Management MBA graduate, Shahid Mohammed, shares how he balanced coursework, extracurriculars, and a career search during his time as a full-time MBA student--making the most of his time at school and creating a lifelong ROI.

Read more about Shahid's UCR MBA experience here

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Advice from Alumni

Alumni Advice: Finding an Internship

Posted by Stephanie Millner on 20 April 2016 / 0 Comments

Summer is around the corner! While thoughts of beach vacations may come to mind, current MBA students are focusing on one thing: securing an internship. 

A summer internship is an extremely important component of your MBA. It allows you to apply the knowledge you've gained and make connections that could lead to a full time position post graduation. Internships also allow you to test the waters of a career or field in which you are interested. 

MBA interns aren't fetching coffee and filing papers, far from it. These internships come with high salaries and lots of responsibility. So how does one go about getting that internship offer? We asked MBA alumni to provide us with their advice. 

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