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Great free app for networking business school students to convert business cards into contact information on their iPhones. More info at:


Great app for business school students to easily and quickly send, sign and save documents from anywhere and on any device. More info at:


Great mobile and desktop project management app that gives users the ability to not only manage their own tasks and deadlines but also those assigned to other team members. More info at:

Mighty Meeting

Great app for meetings and presentations. Allows for presentations and videos sync to the cloud with access to your files anytime and anywhere. More info at:


For B-School students that use Google Reader, the Reeder app for iPhone, iPad and Mac is a stellar choice to manage your RSS feeds. Reeder offers a bevy of other customization options including keyboard shortcuts, and multitouch gestures. More info at:

Magical Ipad

Great app that build outlines, mind maps, take notes, organize ideas, prioritize actions and shares your thoughts seamlessly. More info at:

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro is a universal app designed to help b-school students easily keep track of schedules, assignments, exams and grades by providing planning tools, assignment notifications, grade/GPA tracking features and more!

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