Introducing...a New blog series! The "Unconventional" MBA

Posted by Stephanie Millner on 03 May 2016 / 0 Comments

From unique undergrad majors and work experience, to creative career paths and industries, in our new blog series we're exploring the world of the "unconventional" MBA. 

When you hear the words "MBA student," what comes do you think of? Perhaps a finance-minded, clean cut, twenty-something dressed in perfectly tailored professional attire. Or maybe an on-the-go consultant grabbing coffee in between presentations.

You're probably not picturing an undergrad creative writing major or a professional actor. However, the profile of the "typical" MBA student is rapidly changing. It's becoming more common to see MBA candidates coming from non-business backgrounds or hoping to enter non-traditional careers. 

Pursuing Business School when coming from a non-business background can be intimidating. Many applicants don't know where to start, or haven't heard stories of those who have successfully made the transition. Other prospective MBAs are swayed away from pursuing their degree because they're under the impression that they're unqualified or that the programs aren't for them.

Throughout our newest blog series, The "Unconventional" MBA we will be sharing stories from current students and alumni about how they've navigated the MBA application process and Business School itself, and how they're MBA is helping them to achieve their professional goals. We'll also be sharing tips from top consultents and advisers on how to best present your background and make your application as unique as you are! 

Our first post will be published tomorrow, Wednesday, May 4th. Be on the look out!



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