The MBA Tour Conference Survival Guide, Part 1: Preparing for the event

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So you took the first step and registered for an MBA Tour event, now what?

Follow this 2-part Fair Survival Guide to keep your head above the graduate school waters and make the most of your MBA Tour event. Use the following guidelines as checklist to make sure you’re prepared to learn, impress, and break your way into the graduate school admissions process.


The first and most important piece of advice anyone can receive before they embark on an adventure (The MBA Tour events being no exception) is to be PREPARED!

1. Online research

Nothing new here. Brush up on some key facts and figures about the schools you’re interested in – average GMAT scores, work experience, program types, campus locations, etc. Knowing the answers to these basic questions gives you a better idea about the schools that you’re interested in and allows you to spend time with admission reps and alumni asking more advanced questions. This will help you stand out during school presentations, panels, the fair, and brings us to our next pointer.

2. Prepare questions

Use The MBA Tour events to your personal advantage. Prepare questions to ask admission reps and alumni that will help you understand if their school and program is right for YOU. Ask yourself; what do you want to get out of The MBA Tour event? Tailor your questions to help you learn about specific aspects of a program that are important to you. Remember to keep in mind pointer number 1 when developing these questions.

3. Professional attire and supplies

Make sure you’re well equipped before you head into The MBA Tour event. This includes appropriate dress, business cards, copies of your résumé (just in case a rep asks you if you have it on hand), and a notebook and pen to keep notes.

4. Food

You’ll be absorbing a lot of information and meeting a lot of new people, so make sure to eat before or bring a snack in order to have the energy to make the most of your time at The MBA Tour event.

Follow Part 1 of The MBA Tour Fair Survival Guide to prepare yourself for The MBA Tour events, and keep an eye out for Part 2: Making the most of panels and school presentations to learn how to most effectively spend your time during the events.

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