The Fisher MBA: Redesigned Around You

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At The Ohio State University Max M. Fisher College of Business, the Full-Time MBA program has been redesigned to include a flexible curriculum that lets students personalize their degree through elective coursework from within Fisher as well as across Ohio State’s 100+ graduate programs. The innovative curriculum, led by experts from a variety of core disciplines, incorporates immersive, cross-functional on-site projects for top companies and organizations locally and globally. Students will also have a dedicated team of coaches that provide ongoing assessment, feedback, and guidance to hone their pathway towards career success.


Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 4.49.59 PMExperiential 

Learning by doing is a cornerstone of Fisher’s immersive, action-based MBA experience. The two-year program offers students opportunities to apply insights learned in the classroom to on-site, hands-on projects with top organizations located in Columbus, the nation’s 14th largest city, and with our partners around the world. Students also have the opportunity to shape business at the global level and maximize social impact through programs such as Fisher’s Global Applied Projects, Business Lab Project, Core Capstone Experience and Social Impact Challenge.


The Fisher MBA program uses student assessments to tailor an individualized experience that maximizes growth while addressing their professional needs. Each student has a dedicated support team consisting of an academic advisor, a career consultant, a professional development coach and a mentor who provide continuous assessment, feedback and guidance. Additionally, students' MBA curriculum is highly customizable and, utilizing all that Fisher and The Ohio State University have to offer, can be designed to fit their career goals.


Beyond the strong functional expertise emphasized in the MBA program, Fisher's graduates also possess the ability to solve problems spanning multiple functions in organizations. Their core curriculum is integrated through weekly sessions co-taught by faculty in multiple disciplines who provide valuable opportunities to connect the dots between functional topics. Also, project-based components of the curriculum offer insight into real-world, boundary-spanning problems and require students to develop solutions that meet the needs of stakeholders across an organization.


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Interested in receiving an MBA or Business Master's Degree? Check out Fisher's website to learn more about their graduate business opportunities!

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