SMU Cox: Alumni Gift Create New Opportunities for Energy Finance Students

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Since 1920, the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University has equipped students with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to succeed in business. The SMU Cox MBA program is renowned for innovations in education, exemplified by additions such as the new Energy Management Program.

Established by a generous $5 million gift made in honor of 2001 MBA graduate Kyle Miller, the Kyle D. Miller Energy Management Program and Scholarship Fund will help support MBA students concentrating in energy finance both academically through revamped courses and financially with MBA scholarships.

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What is an unique aspect of your MBA program that you could like to highlight?

The Energy Management program based in the SMU Cox's Maguire Energy Institute will augment the energy finance MBA concentration by enhancing the technology and innovation-based curricula and providing opportunities for leadership development through events such as workshops and industry-leader speaker series.

The academic management of the program will be provided by Professor Kumar Venkataraman, who will be appointed to the Cary M. Maguire Chair of Oil and Gas Management and will work closely with the Director of the Maguire Energy Institute, Bruce Bullock, to provide modern and relevant course offerings.

How does this feature of your program benefit students?

The new Energy Management Program will provide students interested in pursuing post-MBA roles in the energy industry with opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom to develop the technical knowledge and skills to help them succeed in the dynamic sector.

In addition to these exciting curricular developments, the program will support new MBA scholarships to be awarded to candidates interested in pursuing energy finance as one of their primary area of concentrations during MBA study.

The potential to attract the most talented students – those who would excel in the Cox MBA concentration in energy finance and be highly sought-after by corporate and industry leaders – grows as the value of the scholarships increases.

How does the Energy Management Program illustrate your programs values?

The generous gift given in honor of Kyle Miller to support our energy finance MBA students highlights the commitment of our alumni network. Our engaged alumni base consistently and enthusiastically donate their time and resources to bolster the next generation of Cox MBAs.

Why is Energy finance an integral aspect of your program?

Energy finance is one of many unique curricular areas of specialization available to MBA students at SMU Cox. The new Energy Management Program will aid student development academically and professionally, allowing a long term success in the energy sector.


"This is a very exciting new program and scholarship fund that will further increase the competitiveness of SMU and the Cox School of Business," said SMU Cox School of Business Dean Matthew Myers. “We are delighted that both the Kyle D. Miller Energy Management Program and the Kyle D. Miller Energy Management Scholarship Fund will be endowed so that they will continue in perpetuity.”


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