Smith School of Business: Building on Leadership Skills in our Team-Based MBA

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Smith School of Business at Queen’s University is renowned for excellence, innovation, and leadership in business education. One of the highlights of Smith Business is their MBA program. We spoke with Teresa Pires, Associate Director at Smith School of Business, to learn about the unique components of Queen’s University MBA. 

Teresa Pires, Associate Director at Smith School of Business 


What is an unique aspect of your MBA program that you could like to highlight?

Queen’s MBA utilizes an innovative approach to team-based learning that is far more advanced than that used in other MBA programs. 

We believe strongly in our team-based approach because it mirrors today’s progressive workplace. You will leave the program with a thorough understanding of the best practices for successful team-building and teamwork, well-prepared to be a valuable member of a high-performance team. 

How does this feature of your program benefit students?

One of the greatest benefits of our team-based approach is the opportunity to develop your team and leadership skills – skills that are essential in business today. At Smith you don’t just learn about teamwork and leadership, you put them into practice every day. Each team member is given many opportunities to lead projects or contribute to projects led by other team members.

How does the team-based MBA illustrate your programs values?

While other MBA programs talk about “teamwork”, what they are actually referring to is “group work” – a very different concept. At Smith, you are assigned to a team for the core of the program, and about 50% of your overall grade is derived from teamwork. Team members collaborate on assignments, projects and presentations, drawing on the skills and experience of individual team members, greatly enhancing the learning experience.

Why is team-based learning an integral aspect of your program?

Each learning team consists of 6 or 7 students. Teams are carefully assembled to maximize diversity of gender, work and academic experience, and cultural background – reflecting the reality of today’s working environment. The Queen's MBA team based program is unique and mirrors today's corporate ecosystem.

How do you ensure success in a team?

A dedicated, professional Team Coach is assigned to every team. For the entire program core, they will monitor your team’s effectiveness and provide regular feedback and guidance that is pivotal to the learning process.


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