Alumni Profile: Singapore Management University, Masafumi Saki

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Masafumi Saki, graduate of Singapore Management University, discusses how receiving an MBA abroad enhanced his understanding of the globalized business world and gives tips on how to transition to life in a new country.

Name: Masafumi Saki

School: MBA, Singapore Management University



Why did you choose your MBA program? Do you have advice for students on how to make a decision? 

In addition to great curriculum, I believe strongly that Singapore Management University (SMU) would enable me to meet many kinds of people from different backgrounds not only inside a school setting but also outside of it. SMU itself and professors have strong relationships with the business community. That is why SMU holds a lot of internal seminars conducted by entrepreneurs, ambassadors and politicians. Besides, SMU is located in the center of Singapore’s Central Business District and I can visit many major companies. In fact, I can build good relationships with many kinds of people. I recommend considering not only ranking and curriculum of a school but also whom you can meet with in your MBA journey.

What was your favorite classroom experience?

Discussion about organization at Organizational Behavior & Leadership taught by Prof. Roy CHUA is very exciting. This class taught me how to get straight to the point when I share my opinion.

Did you do an internship during your MBA? How did that experience influence your 
education and career?

I was a Marketing & Business Development intern at Igloohome Inc. which is a startup in Singapore that invented the world’s first smart lock allowing Airbnb hosts to manage their properties remotely.
 It gave me an opportunity to generate go-to-market strategies for Japan and successfully negotiate an exclusive agreement with a Japanese partner to assist in penetrating the Japan market. This experience enabled me to accelerate my learning because I could put what I had learned in Marketing classes in SMU into practice and know what I need to learn for the rest of my MBA.

When applying for jobs, how did you highlight your personal and career achievements on your 

Career service, alumni and professors reviewed my resume and gave me constructive feedback. Thanks to their great support, I could get an offer from my ideal company.

What advice can you give to ease the transition to a new country? 

I recommend contacting current MBA students to know what procedures you need to complete after an offer from a business school. In addition, some may know a good local agent.

How did pursuing your MBA abroad enhance your understanding of the globalized business world? 
What was the most important thing you learned?

Through discussion with classmates and professors, I could learn that it is most important to understand their background and shape my opinion where structure and expression are acceptable to them.


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