How to Research Which MBA Programs are the Best for You

Posted by Sarah Swan on 30 June 2015 / 1 Comment

If you have decided you would like to pursue an MBA, you know the application season is here! This process can get a little crazy, as you work on essays, take the GMAT for the first or possibly second time, all while balancing a busy working schedule. We know it’s not easy and that due to limited time you can’t apply to every school and now you must narrow down your list. We have a few tips to help you through the research process to ensure you have a final list consisting of MBA programs that will be strong fits.

Step one: Define Your Career Goals.

This may not sound like research, but this step is the foundation of both your research and the application process. You must ask yourself why have you decided to pursue an MBA, and what industries are you looking to work in. Knowing the answer to these questions is essential to your success because it will help you when picking schools and again in the application process; Schools will want to see you have defined career goals.

Step Two: Make A List Addressing A Few Questions.

  1. How long of a program do you want? One year or two years? Part-time?
  2. Where do you want to be? In a city, or more rural? Also consider where you want to live after the program is complete, what companies are in the area, are you interested in those industries?
  3. What teaching methodology suits your learning style best? Lectures, or case method and group work?
  4. Consider size of the program. Do you prefer bigger or smaller classes?
  5. Where are the alumni working, in what Industries? Does the school offer strong networks in industries you are interested in working in?

Use these questions to ensure that the schools on your list fulfill the requirements you laid out as criteria and career goal trajectories.

Step Three: Talk to People from the School

(Admission Directors, Alumni, Current Students, etc.)

This is step is crucial. Meeting with people from the school can provide you with a true sense of what the campus culture is like. Coming to an MBA Tour conference can help with this and provide you with one and one interaction with Admission Recruiters from the schools on your list. You can ask questions more probing questions that cannot be answered in the schools brochure or website. Also not only will meeting face to face help with your research but it also allows you the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on an admissions recruiter so they remember you as they read your application.

Now that the application season is in full swing, so are The MBA Tour Conferences. We hope to see you at our events this summer, and that you find them helpful in your research process.

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