Alumni Spotlight: Queen's University, Kim Fulton

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Learn how Queen's University Smith School of Business graduate Kim Fulton's MBA experience enabled her to switch careers from Marketing & Business Development to Management Consulting.

Q: How did you choose your MBA program? What were your program's greatest assets?

A: The Queen's full-time MBA program appealed to me because of the brand strength, one-year program and team-based curriculum. Every top tier MBA program offers a strong education, and Queen's is no different, but what set the program apart for me was the equal emphasis on leadership, communication, and team management - all critical skills that businesses demand.


Q: What activities were you involved in outside of class? How did you balance your time?

A: My primary commitment outside of class was as President of the Consulting Club. The role was beneficial in helping my career search as it gave me the opportunity to network with my targeted firms and prepare for consulting case interviews. I was also involved in the Women in Leadership Club, and as a Forte Fellow, I attended the annual Forte Forum conference midway through the program, where I spoke as a panelist. The key to balancing my time was learning how to prioritize and work effectively with my team to get everything done.


Q: When it came time to look for jobs, did you find yourself interested in a new career that you hadn't considered before entering your MBA program? 

A: The Queen's MBA program enabled me to make a significant career shift from Marketing & Business Development into Management Consulting. The MBA provided me with the education, skills, network, and opportunities needed to make this shift, and ultimately prepared me for a successful long-term career.


Q: Have you stayed in touch with your program's alumni network, and if so, what have been the benefits of maintaining these relationships?

A: One of the greatest assets of the Queen's MBA program is the strength of the alumni network. Throughout the program, I was impressed by the willingness of alumni to support students by sharing their career perspectives and making introductions to industry professionals. Since graduating, my classmates and other alumni have remained a critical part of my network and some of my closest friends.


Q: What resources and support did your program offer during the career search?

A: The Queen's MBA program provides students with a personal career coach in their industry of focus to guide them in their research, networking, resume writing and interview preparation. I was impressed by the dedication of the career coaches to support my career search, even coming in on the weekend to help me prepare for a last minute interview. When I landed the job at A.T. Kearney, my career coach was among the first people I told.


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