Student Spotlight: University of Pittsburgh, Jessica Arbon

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Learn why Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business student Jessica Arbon chose to pursue an MBA and how her MBA experience at University of Pittsburgh has paved the way for her career success!

Q: How did you choose your MBA program? What are your program's greatest assets?

A: When I looked for MBA programs, I sought out institutions that offered a collaborative work environment, demonstrated learning objectives through real case problems, and had opportunities for international exposure. While Katz offers all these capabilities, it was the international exposure via the experienced based learning (EBL) program that made Katz stand out.


Q: What has been your favorite classroom experience?

A: Learning from my peers and professors. Whether it is a case discussion or a lecture, my peers are engaged and asking questions while the professors are challenging our ideas and thinking. We learn with and from one another via Katz’ collaborative experience that extends beyond the classroom.


Q:What activities are you involved in outside of class? How do you balance your time?

A: I am actively involved with the clubs and student activities on campus. During my first year I was a member of the Student Executive Board (SEB), a student appointed group that works with all aspects of campus to enhance student life experiences; I will be the SEB Vice President during my second year. I also worked with the admissions team as a student ambassador and assisted in the coordination and execution of major campus recruitment and diversity events.


Q: What have been the biggest challenges of pursuing your MBA?

A: Testing your business ideas and balancing them with your teammates. In this program, everyone takes initiative and has high standards for their work; this creates both challenges and opportunities for learning. Though it can sometime stall the timing of an assignment, it teaches me the perspectives/dynamics of groups and encourages me to embrace new paths. These experiences are the best preparation for my future career because they enhance my personal and leadership development.


Q: How have your classmates influenced your MBA experience?

A: From long nights in team rooms hashing out project solutions to travelling overseas during the EBL program, I would not be able to receive this quality of education without my peers. Since they consistently challenge my thinking and push me beyond my limits, I have changed my approach to some business problems and have been pushed to consider more options. This is a network I know I will take with me long after my time at Katz and know that they will be my business partners and friends.


Q: How did you decide that an MBA was the next step for you?

A: I was sitting in the taste testing lab at my last job and I found myself asking the business leaders the question “why” after every project proposal was discussed. I not only enjoyed the brainstorming sessions and problem-solving aspects of my job but also, had the drive and passion to understand the strategy and process behind these proposals. This is why I chose the MBA career path.


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