MBA Scholarships and Funding Opportunities in Europe

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There is a lot of good news!

One of the biggest challenges confronting people who wish to pursue an MBA is how to pay for it. MBA programs anywhere in the world are expensive but there is good news. There are many new scholarships and loans available than ever before. Although the research takes time, it will be very rewarding! We are including some examples of scholarship opportunities to jump start your research.

In addition to bank loans, many business schools now offer their own low-interest loans to accepted candidates. In addition there are many scholarships offered that target specific groups (women, leaders, entrepreneurs, etc.)

There are several kinds of financial aid available-grants or scholarships that are money awards given on the basis of different criteria (country of origin, gender, merit or other past accomplishments, etc.), loans that must be repaid after graduation, and fellowships (opportunities to earn money by teaching or assisting with research). What follows are examples of financing opportunities at several business schools.

INSEAD, based in France and Singapore, offers scholarships based on the following criteria: Need-based - demonstrate financial need and
Non-need based - based on either merit, nationality, gender, professional background, leadership abilities, field of previous studies etc. INSEAD also has a useful function to research funding options by future student's country of origin.

Spain's top ranked IE Business School explains their MBA scholarship and fellowship opportunities virally through a student experience video.

Some European business schools also offer scholarships specifically for US or Canadian candidates. ESSEC Business School in France offers the $10,000 Serge Bellanger French-American Scholarship to US nationals intending to pursue a career in International business as well as the multiple €5,000 scholarships for graduates of US or Canadian universities.

European business schools are often some of the most diverse in terms of class nationalities with 85-90% international students. Diversity is highly valued and this is supported by the numerous scholarships available to candidates that can add a unique perspective to the class. Rotterdam School of Management offers a €10,000 MBA diversity scholarship well suited for international students at every application deadline. The scholarship is awarded based on merit and aspects of a candidate's profile such as your nationality, cultural background, gender, experience, upbringing and sustainability.

Learn more about financing your MBA directly from business school admissions officers at an MBA Conference near you.

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