MBA Interview Do's & Don'ts: #1MinMBA video tips from 5 Admissions Directors

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MBA Interview Do's & Don'ts: #1MinMBA video tips from 5 Admissions Directors

Are you preparing for your MBA interviews? This is a great opportunity to shine and show your personality beyond the application essays, recommendation letters and test scores. You may only have 20-30 minutes with your interviewer, so be sure you make it count!

1: "Do have a clear narrative. Don’t underestimate the admissions interview."
Julia Michienzi, Manager MBA Recruiting & Admissions, Ivey Business School

2. "Don’t read directly from your application essays or resume, and don’t make the biggest mistake by referencing another MBA program's offerings..."

Amanda Barth, Admissions Director, College of William and Mary, Mason School of Business

3. "You get to show your personality. Talk about what you’ve done and why it’s meaningful to you."

Professor Lydia Price, Associate Dean, Academic MBA Director, CEIBS - China Europe International Business School

4. "Be Confident. Try not to use too many technical terms or management speak."

Shane Moore & Jennifer Ferguson, Managers in Admissions & Recruitment, University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business

5. "We are assessing your communications skills, your professional maturity and your personality."

Adrian Aguirre, Associate Director, University of California Los Angeles Anderson School of Business

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