4 Months Until Fall MBA Application Deadlines – What You Should Be Working On

Posted by Erin Wand, Personal MBA Coach on 11 May 2018 / 5 Comments

With under 4 months until the first of the fall 2018 application deadlines, now is the time to kick your application strategy into full gear (if you have not already)! Unsure where to start? Personal MBA Coach has put together this 4-month plan to keep you on track.

Month 1 (May):

  • Finalize your school lists: If you have not already finalized your school lists, now is the time to make these decisions. Essay questions will be available shortly, if they aren’t already, and finalizing schools will allow you to get a jump start on your applications, networking and campus visits. Personal MBA Coach has published multiple articles to guide you through the school selection process, all included in our free: MBA Decision Making Guide. 
  • Schedule campus visits: If you have not visited campuses and are in a geographic position to do so, schedule those visits now.
  • Finalize plans to take/re-take GMAT/GRE (if you have not already): By May, many of our candidates have already taken the GMAT/GRE. If you have not yet taken the test or are looking to improve your score, this is time to do so.
  • Develop your MBA resume: All MBA applications require a resume. You may be thinking: “No problem, I already have a resume.” Unfortunately, it is not that easy. A business school resume differs from a professional. Check-out these tips for customizing your business school resume.

Month 2 (June):

  • Develop your personal story and articulate your goals: Strong essays will almost always include a clear personal story and well-articulated career goals. Before you begin drafting, do some soul searching around what makes you unique and how exactly an MBA will position you for career success.
  • Nail down your recommenders: It goes without saying that strong letters of recommendation are key. If you have not already finalized your recommender list, now is the time. Unsure about who to select? Check-out our blog on selecting your recommenders.
  • Draft your essays: This one is pretty self-explanatory! As the essay questions are released, start drafting! 

Month 3 (July):

  • Edit, edit, edit: This is the time to ensure your essays are perfected! Most essays will require multiple drafts so plan accordingly.
  • Attend The MBA Tour: The MBA Tour is a great way to meet with multiple admissions representatives simultaneously. Not only will this allow you to communicate your interest in a given school, but the added insight will be extremely useful as you target your essays. You will also get the opportunity to hear free advice on the application process with our top 10 application pitfalls presentation. Events will be held throughout the United States this July so plan accordingly.
  • Network with alumni and current students: Look for alumni and current students in your networks and schedule time for quick chats. The more you know about a school, the easier it will be to target your applications. Of course, there is too much of a good thing so do not go overboard here.

Month 4 (August):

  • Fill out your applications: Allow time for these short answer questions. The applications themselves can be quite detailed so do not save these extra questions for the last minute.
  • Proof: We do not recommend doing any major work in the last few weeks before submission. Substantial last-minute changes can often be rushed and lead to mistakes. Instead, take the time to carefully proof all of your application materials. Be sure to enlist a second or third reader as it is difficult to spot errors in something you have read many times.
  • Ensure your LORs are all set: Check-in with your recommenders and make sure they have all of the information they need. Gently remind them of the upcoming dates to avoid any last-minute crunches.

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