Global Experience-Based Learning at Katz

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The Katz Graduate School of Business deeply integrates globally focused experience-based learning into the curriculum. This is accomplished with the help of the International Business Center, a dedicated MBA Programs Office and an internationally focused environment at the University of Pittsburgh.


What is an unique aspect of your MBA program that you could like to highlight?

There are three Katz global experience-based learning (EBL) flagship programs:

Katz Global Research Practicum (GRP) — The GRP is a three-credit course with a study abroad component. It exposes Katz MBA and MS students to international business and current issues affecting the global marketplace. During their time abroad, students visit companies, engage with executives and Pitt alumni, conduct field research, and experience international culture.

Katz Global Consulting Project (GCP) — A team of Katz students consult to provide actionable recommendations to a concrete and specific international organizational challenge. Travel abroad to one or more international locations is required for the problem that has local-global characteristics.

Students participating in the GCP typically have demonstrated international educational and professional experience outside their home country and the U.S.

Katz Global Issue Workshops (GIW) — Students conduct an extensive analysis of a structural or external issue affecting an organization or industry abroad. A student team carries out in-depth international business research in the U.S. and travels abroad to conduct field research and speak to industry and organization experts.


How does this global experience-based feature of your program benefit students?

Well-designed and highly focused short-term global experience-based learning is meaningful and results in gaining valuable transferable skills, such as critical thinking, leadership, flexibility, and global mindset. Katz students have the opportunity to gain these skills through impactful global experience-based learning (EBL) opportunities offered by the Katz School.


How does this feature illustrate your programs values?

Global business and experience-based learning are cornerstones of the Katz Graduate School of Business and these values are realized by these opportunities for applied, global learning.


Why is this global business education an integral aspect of your program?

The majority of Katz students participate in a meaningful global experience. Global business education at the University of Pittsburgh has positioned students for success in many ways, and the program has achieved positive recognition for this reason. The Financial Times 2018 Global MBA Rankings report ranks Katz #2 among U.S. public institutions for International Mobility and #8 among U.S. public institutions for International Course Experience. The University of Pittsburgh was honored with the 2017 Senator Paul Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalization, recognizing its commitment to international education and the strength of its global programs. The University was one of only four institutions nationwide to receive the award.


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