#INSIDECAMPUS: A Tour of UK's Top MBA Programs - Queen's University Belfast

Posted by Pat Tenneriello on 17 December 2013 / 0 Comments

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On my next stop at Queen's University Belfast, I met with Dr. Mark Palmer, Program Director and Professor of Marketing, Edith Caufield, Marketing and External Relations, and Martina Nugent, International MBA Administrator. The hospitality and friendliness of the Queen's team was second to none. Our meeting did not start until tea and coffee were served with sweet cookies.

After our meeting, Edith and Martina gave me a full tour of Riddel Hall, home to Queen's University Management School, including a detailed history of the building. I learned that Queen's University Belfast was recently ranked the 5th nicest campus in the world, which was no surprise based on the beauty of the campus and its immaculate buildings. After the tour of Riddel Hall, the Queen's team was happy to pose for a picture on the staircase, which was nicely decorated for the holiday season:

Riddel Hall is a beautiful and historic red brick building. It has been completely modernized but maintains its ancient charm. A world-class building set in 11 acres of beautiful sprawling parkland. It was first built by the Riddel sisters as a female residence hall in 1913 and then later donated to Queen’s University Management School.

Fun Facts About Queen's Student Life & Living in Belfast :
  • The program has 70% international students.
  • Queens University is home to the Nelson Mandela Hall and the Bill Clinton Leadership Institute, Clinton was instrumental in the Irish peace process.
  • Belfast is home to some great nightlife options for students and locals alike. Students tend to go out in the Queen's quarter district.
  • The HBO television series based on the novels 'Game of Thrones' is filmed in Belfast

Edith insisted on driving me to my hotel after our meeting and drove through city landmarks so that I could stop and take pictures even if it meant driving through a bunch of traffic. The staff at Queen's was absolutely lovely and gave me a great sense of life in Belfast.

To hear more about student life at Queen's University Belfast, visit their YouTube Channel:

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