#INSIDECAMPUS: A Tour of Top MBA Programs - Syracuse University Whitman School of Management

Posted by The MBA Tour on 11 April 2014 / 0 Comments

Pat TennerielloFollow Pat Tenneriello, Director at The MBA Tour, #INSIDECAMPUS as he visits business schools across the United States with our CEO and Managing Director, Peter Von Loesecke.

Pat graduated with an MBA from McGill University in 2012. As Director at The MBA Tour, Pat manages client relations in North America and Europe as well as leads events in Asia, Latin America, Europe, Canada and the US.

After saying goodbye to the team at RPI, we hit the road for another 2 hour drive to Syracuse. Peter and I had time to grab a delicious sandwich at Café Kubal across the street from Whitman School of Business. They are a hybrid, café, clothing, art store: http://www.cafekubal.com/locations/ . We had eaten at the same place in 2012!

We had a great meeting with our friends at Whitman: Danielle Goodroe (Associate Director, Graduate Recruitment), Donald Harter (Associate Dean for masters programs), Amy McHale (Director of Experiential Learning), and Shri Ramakrishnan (Assistant Director, Graduate Recruitment). They had great feedback on their experience with MeetUp at our events, and very nice words to share to Peter about The MBA Tour team.

Fun Facts About Syracuse University:

In photo: Otto the Orange, Danielle Goodroe, Donald Harter, Amy McHale, Shri Ramakrishnan.

For more information about the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, visit their website or Facebook page.

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