Inside Campus: A Tour of Top MBA Programs - Johnson at Cornell University

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Pat TennerielloFollow Pat Tenneriello, Director at The MBA Tour, #INSIDECAMPUS as he visits business schools across the United States with our CEO and Managing Director, Peter Von Loesecke.

Pat graduated with an MBA from McGill University in 2012. As Director at The MBA Tour, Pat manages client relations in North America and Europe as well as leads events in Asia, Latin America, Europe, Canada and the US.

Peter and I continued on from Syracuse to Ithaca, NY for a visit with The Johnson School at Cornell University. Upon our arrival at Sage Hall, we were greeted by the Johnson admissions team - Eddie Asbie, Ann Richards, and Christine Sneva. We were even joined by Charlotte Taylor, International Recruitment Manager, on Skype - she is based in London! Sage Hall was built in 1875, and was originally intended as a residential building, but now houses the Johnson School.

Johnson is an "intense, collaborative community" that offers two-year, one-year, and Executive MBA options to fit all different types of learning styles and needs. These programs are based on immersion learning, and enroll over 300 students per year in their Ithaca-based classes. Cornell also offers programs that are based in New York City.

In photo:

Eddie Asbie – Assistant Director, Admissions and Financial Aid
Ann Richards – Associate Director of Admissions/ Director of Financial Aid
Christine Sneva – Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
Charlotte Taylor – International Recruitment Manager

Fun Facts About Johnson at Cornell:

  • Ithaca was ranked the #1 College Town in America by Business Insider in 2013, and has consistently been in the top rankings for best places to live.
  • Our CEO & Managing Director, Peter Von Loesecke, is a graduate of Cornell!
  • Notable alumni include H. Fisk Johnson, CEO and Chairman of SC Johnson, as well as Irene Rosenfeld, CEO of Kraft Foods, and Daniel Hesse, CEO of Sprint Nextel corp.
  • Students at Johnson are very involved on campus, and it is host to over 120 clubs and organizations!
Curious about the Johnson School? Here is a recent video a year in the life of an MBA student:

For more information on The Johnson School at Cornell University, visit their website or Youtube channel.

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