Inside Campus: A Tour of Top MBA Programs - UCLA Anderson School of Management

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Pat TennerielloFollow Pat Tenneriello, Director at The MBA Tour, Inside Campus #INSIDECAMPUS as he visits business schools across the United States with our CEO and Managing Director, Peter Von Loesecke.

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The trip began with a few clicks of the snooze button after a 3:40AM alarm. Our flight left at 6 AM, and about 6 hours later we had arrived in Los Angeles and were cruising in our stylish Chevy Sonic toward the Anderson School of Management at the University of California Los Angeles. The weather was beautiful in LA and my winter jacket got buried in the back seat where it would stay for the duration of our road trip.

Our first visit with Jessica Chung, Associate Director, MBA Admissions, set our trip off to a great start. We also got to catch up with Vickie Euyoque, Associate Director, MBA Admissions, and Adrian Aguirre, Associate Director, MBA Admissions. The Anderson team gave us some great insight into life in Los Angeles, which, in addition to being the entertainment capital of the world, is also a major technology hub - booming with entrepreneurial spirit and growth that rivals Silicon Valley. In fact, last year, over 1/4 of Anderson MBA graduates went to work in technology.

Learn more about the Anderson School of Management from Jessica:

Fun Facts About UCLA Anderson:

  • Anderson faculty ranked #1 in "Intellectual Capital" by BusinessWeek. The faculty are renowned for their research and teaching.
  • UCLA Anderson annually educates over 1,600 students enrolled in MBA and doctoral programs, and over 2,000 executives and managers in executive education programs.
  • UCLA is known for its supportive and active student body. Students are highly engaged in activities outside the classroom, with over 40 clubs on campus.

Hear more about student life at Anderson from a graduate of their MBA program!

In conclusion, we had a great visit at UCLA and are already looking forward to future travels to the west coast! Here is a photo from the trip:

Pictured above: Jessica Chung in front of Anderson with Peter and I.

To learn more about UCLA Anderson, visit their website or Youtube channel.

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