Inside Campus: A Tour of Top MBA Programs - Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia

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Pat TennerielloFollow Pat Tenneriello, Director at The MBA Tour, Inside Campus #INSIDECAMPUS as he visits business schools across Canada.

Pat graduated with an MBA from McGill University in 2012. As Director at The MBA Tour, Pat manages client relations in North America and Europe as well as leads events in Asia, Latin America, Europe, Canada and the US.

My next stop in Vancouver was at The University of British Columbia - Sauder School of Business Robert H. Lee Graduate School. The Sauder School of Business is located in the heart of the Point Grey campus in Vancouver. with a second location downtown. UBC's MBA program at the Robert H. Lee Graduate School has consistently been ranked among the Top 100 business schools in the world, and is considered the leading research-based business school in Canada.

I met with Shane Moore - Manager, Admissions & Recruitment, Katerina Vaisman - Marketing & Communications Manager, Laura Rojo - Director, Market Intelligence, Recruitment & Admissions, and Jennifer Chen - Manager, Admissions & Recruitment. They are all veterans of The MBA Tour events and star in many of our videos! It was a rainy afternoon, and after our meeting, the Sauder team stepped outside with their umbrellas to pose for a picture in front of the school.

We had lunch at the Pit Pub and Burger Bar right by campus. It was great to catch up with the UBC team!

Fun Facts about UBC Sauder School of Business:

  • The Sauder School is ranked #1 in North America for international mobility of its students, and includes a global experience requirement for all of its MBA students. The school recently joined the Global Network for Advanced Management.
  • UBC's International MBA in Shanghai is a part-time 20 month program that offers students the chance to have a truly global MBA experience.
  • UBC Sauder has over 36,000 alumni in over 76 countries!
  • Here are the Top 10 Gems of UBC's campus.

Hear from Laura Rojo in her 1-minute elevator pitch about the Sauder School!

For more information about the Sauder School of Business, visit their website or YouTube channel.

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