#InsideCampus: A Tour of UK's Top MBA Programs - Oxford SBS

Posted by Pat Tenneriello on 06 December 2013 / 0 Comments

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Today I had the opportunity to visit Oxford University's Saïd Business School and meet with Anna Farrus, Head of Admissions for the MBA Program. Saïd is a top ranked 1 year MBA program embedded in the oldest university in the English speaking world. I was pleased to discover the business school campus is a stone’s throw from the Oxford train station, and only a short 50 minutes to get to London Paddington Station.

Anna describes Oxford as a "magical city," a bustling cosmopolitan town famous for its University and filled with lively students. Although it is known as a college town, there is much more to Oxford than the University itself. It is one of the UK's fastest growing cities, and home to a growing hi-tech community. The perfect combination of ancient and modern.

Oxford University

For MBA students living in Oxford, there is a great mix of pubs and cafés. I set up shop and got a little work done at a nice café called Yellow Submarine. It turns out that the café is a social enterprise that provides work opportunities for people with learning disabilities. It's great to see residents of Oxford giving back to their community!

Yellow Submarine CafeFun Facts about Saïd's Student Life:

  • MBA Students at Saïd get dressed up every year and throw an annual Black Tie and Red Carpet event called the Sylvester Awards, similar to the Academy Awards. They honor and award faculty, support staff and fellow students with titles such as “Most Helpful Staff”.
  • Saïd's MBA student population is 96% international. Check out their cool class profile infographic to learn more

Find out more about the Oxford MBA Experience from students at the school's Youtube channel

Fun Fact on The MBA Tour:

The first time Anna traveled with The MBA Tour, she made a lifelong friend, SDA Bocconi's Admission Director, Francesca Roveda. Francesca was her travel buddy and now they are great friends!

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