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What type of learner are you?

There are 3 basic types of learning people generally excel at:

Auditory: Hear it

Visual: See it

Kinesthetic: Touch it / do it

As I prep for the GMAT I am reminded of what type of learning method is best suited for me. I first found this out while taking childhood ballet classes. Our teacher would verbally instruct a combo, “pas de bouree, jeté, jeté, chassé, pirouette repeat!” Some students would node their head, no problem got it, ready to perform, then I would be thinking, “Whaaa?... Still working on my French!” Can I SEE this please? And of course the instructor would demonstrate the combo across the floor for us visual leaners. I also lean slightly to the kinesthetic/learn by doing side, so in order to perfect the ballet combo, I would need to do it across the floor a few times in addition to having it demonstrated.

As I continue to prep for the GMAT I’m looking for resources to best help my learning style.

The class I’m taking with Veritas Prep has the awesome feature of video solutions to their homework problems.

YES! Watching the instructor take me through the solution is the best method for making it stick. I have used a number of other prep resources to compliment what my class offers.

Here’s a couple of my favorites:



You can find solutions for any problem out there. This helped me a lot when searching for solution methods for problems I got wrong on the Official GMAT practice tests.

Youtube.com! I also enjoy being taught math by teenage brainy kids making Youtube videos, this is one of my favorites.

Hope you can also find the right resources that fit your learning style!

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