#GMATaDay: A Professional's Working Guide - When to Study

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Follow Alyssa Lee as she examines the daily do’s and don’ts for working professionals preparing for the GMAT.

It’s nearing the end of 3 weeks since diving into my GMAT course, and I’m loving Veritas Prep’s online live class. Cutting out the commute to a brick and mortar location is saving me nice chunks of time during the busy summer season at work.

Yet, as expected I’m still trying to find the magic balance of work, study and making sure I’m not ignoring my friends and family. I needed to use the word No a lot these past weeks.

Co-worker: “Barbecue at my house on Friday”
Me: “No”

Girlfriends: “Do you want to go to the beach on Sunday?”
Me: “No”

Boyfriend: “What do you want to do this weekend?”
Me: “Have you help me do my GMAT homework.”

Teammate: “Can you play in our softball game tonight?”
Me: “No, I’m watching World Cup US vs. Belgium” (Okay, so I didn’t do any studying after that loss).

I’m not saying No to all fun (that would be no fun!), but I definitely needed to cut back in order to make sure I’m keeping pace with the class.

This past week for 2 work days I tried waking up 1 hour earlier to squeeze in some extra morning study time when my mind is fresh and not tired from the workday.

Wake up: 6:00am

Study: 6:45am – 8am

Leave for work: 8:10am

As long I was in bed by 11pm I could make this work and not feel super groggy in the morning (I believe in and require 7+ hours of sleep!). I set the small goal of a morning study session 2 days during the work week to give myself the flexibility, knowing that I can’t always be asleep by 11pm!

Can I do 3 morning study sessions this week? How do you work in your study time? Tweet at #GMATaDay

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