MBA Insider Q&A: Anna Bacigalupi, Marketing & Admissions Manager - MIP Politecnico di Milano

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MBA Insider Q&A is an interview series with top business school admission insiders giving insight on the MBA admission process.

This week insider is Anna Bacigalupi, Marketing & Admissions Manager at MIP Politecnico di Milano. She gives us advice on the do’s and don’ts of your MBA application.


1. What are three top qualities you look for in applicants?

  • Maturity and self-motivation
  • Drive to achieve full potential
  • A passion for knowledge

2. What is your best tip to applicants on how they should approach their admission’s essays?

Application essays are a critical part of the application and are perhaps the most important MBA admission requirement. It is recommended that you are honest about your feelings and that you really write about what’s important to you and why. Your main goals you want to attain through your essays should be:

  • Differentiating yourself from the competition
  • Being memorable
  • Showing the need for an MBA at this point
  • Showing fit and passion for a specific MBA program
  • Stick to the word limit
  • Avoid repeating too much information in your essays that you already provided somewhere else in your application (e.g. your resume) since you don't want to bore your readers with repetitive stuff
  • Use the optional essay to address any weaknesses in your application (not a low GMAT, however, you'll just have to live with that)
  • And needless to say, don't lie in your essays (or any part of your application) - anything that appears to be unusual typically will be uncovered at the latest point during your interview

3. What are three ways applicants can make their resume stand out?

  • Make it as clearer as possible in terms of layout and chronological order in terms of working experience and academic background
  • Do not exceed one page – maximum 2 pages
  • Understand what information is important and which can be left out

4. What should applicants avoid doing when following up with your admissions team?

  • Hide applications to other business school
  • Not to reply to requested follow-up
  • Not to read emails and instructions carefully, it shows a low interest and attention to details

5. What makes for an effective recommendation letter?

  • Choosing someone who can help address any weak spots or potential inconsistencies in your application
  • Choosing someone who writes well. Good writing goes a long way, and bad writing even with the best intentions can ruin an application (especially if you know your recommender is unlikely to suggest that you write the MBA recommendation yourself)
  • Choosing someone more senior than you
  • Choosing someone who can submit a recommendation on time
  • Finding recommenders that are alums of your target schools if possible. While this isn’t required, it does help with overall credibility

6. What are some of the best ways for applicants to research your school?

Our Business School is part of the University, Politecnico di Milano, one of the best Technical University in Europe. A simple internet research will help prospects to find our school and research the information on our website.

Of course, we are present in many education websites and we recently created a Group on Linkedin where prospect students can get in touch with Alumni to know better about MIP and our International programs. We are also present on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook as well as blogs.

School Bio: Where technology meets management—MIP Politecnico di Milano’s International MBA is a highly International program aimed at young talents seeking experience in international markets and a hands-on learning experience. The school focuses on four fundamental elements: analytical approach to problem solving, innovation and technology, interpersonal and soft skills, and corporate collaboration and wide company network. MIP is part of Politecnico di Milano and located in Milan, Italy, a dynamic, cultural city at the forefront of modern Italy.

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