Campus Culture at European Business Schools

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It’s A Small World

Recent and rapid advances in technology have lead to an increasingly globalized world. Thanks to the constant development and innovation of new technologies, it has become significantly easier over the years to share content and communicate with people all over the globe. Technology’s drastic affect on global economies has resulted in a world where global networking is an expectation. European MBA programs attract a highly diverse student body and as result can offer an advantage to their students in a world that has become increasingly global.

Internationalization is of great significance to many European MBA Programs. In fact, Copenhagen Business School has made it one of their main strategic goals. Their student body consists of people from 47 countries and they collaborate with an extensive network of over 300 universities worldwide. Similarly, The University of Cambridge-Judge School of Business has 44 nationalities represented in their student body. Students claim that the people they meet in this program and the network they build is the greatest asset of the program. One female student explains why this network is increasingly important, stating, “The world used to be a very, very, big place and now the world is a very, very, small place and thats amazing.”

Students studying their MBAs at European Universities often boast about the diversity on their campus. An American Student, Sarah Wester at INSEAD’s Singapore campus echoes this opinion, stating “The main selling point is the student body. Because every nationality is a minority, we have to figure out how to be successful together.” Similar to Sarah, many students studying their MBA internationally believe the diverse student body augments their learning, pushing them outside their comfort zone and teaching them to appreciate and understand multiple different perspectives. Michael Abare, another MBA student from America studying at INSEAD explained “In a group with such divergent viewpoints, you start to think more clearly about where you can add value and more importantly, when to listen.”

These programs not only offer a diverse student body but also a diverse faculty. Just as the students appreciate their classmates they also appreciate the faculty and attribute the diversity on campus to their success. Michael explained “ one semester, I had teachers from 4 different continents! The variety of perspectives and teaching styles keeps you on your toes…” The international perspectives present in both the faculty and student body permeates campus culture, providing students studying their MBA abroad with the advantage of multiple perspectives and a large global network. This is a lucrative advantage in a world that is globalizing and growing increasingly smaller. Michael says it best, "It's half the opportunity cost for more than double the global network, compared to most MBA programmes!"

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