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Meeting Admissions Directors: How to Make a Great Impression

Posted by Stephanie Millner on 13 June 2016 / 0 Comments

You’re dressed in your best business attire, you have a flawless resume in hand, and you’re ready to network! Yet, when you approach the booth for your dream school your mind draws a blank. What do you say? How do you make the best first impression?

Meeting Admissions Directors face-to-face can be intimidating, but if you prepare ahead and follow these tips it will easily become second nature.

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MBA Employment

4 Ways an MBA Abroad Can Help You Get Hired

Posted by Stephanie Millner on 07 June 2016 / 0 Comments

Disney's theme park jingle had it right: "It's a small world after all." Our globe is now more interconnected than ever, and with it so is the business world. For this reason, employers are prioritizing international experience and heavily recruiting graduates who demonstrate an understanding of the global business world. GMAC stated in their "2015 Corporate Recruiters Survey Report," that "among the employers who reported plans to hire a recent business school graduate in 2015, 29% plan to hire an international candidate." These international students are both those who are hoping to work outside of their home country, as well as those who attended business school abroad

Pursuing your MBA outside of your home country adds extreme value to your candidacy when searching for a job after graduation. Here are 4 key benefits that will help you stand out amongst the applicant pool:

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New York- European Schools Event: Monday, June 20

Posted by Stephanie Millner on 10 May 2016 / 0 Comments

Have you considered pursuing your MBA in Europe? You're not alone! More than ever, students from the US and around the world are setting their sights on European Business Schools. With improving currency exchange rates, flexible program options, and access to the global business world, doing your MBA in Europe is a smart business decision!

That's why The MBA Tour is bringing the top European Business Schools to New York City for an MBA Conference on Monday, June 20. Click here to register free!

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The Unconventional MBA

Introducing...a New blog series! The "Unconventional" MBA

Posted by Stephanie Millner on 03 May 2016 / 0 Comments

From unique undergrad majors and work experience, to creative career paths and industries, in our new blog series we're exploring the world of the "unconventional" MBA. 

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Advice from Alumni

Alumni Advice: Finding an Internship

Posted by Stephanie Millner on 20 April 2016 / 0 Comments

Summer is around the corner! While thoughts of beach vacations may come to mind, current MBA students are focusing on one thing: securing an internship. 

A summer internship is an extremely important component of your MBA. It allows you to apply the knowledge you've gained and make connections that could lead to a full time position post graduation. Internships also allow you to test the waters of a career or field in which you are interested. 

MBA interns aren't fetching coffee and filing papers, far from it. These internships come with high salaries and lots of responsibility. So how does one go about getting that internship offer? We asked MBA alumni to provide us with their advice. 

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Applying for your MBA is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Posted by Stephanie Millner on 18 April 2016 / 0 Comments


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5 Ways to Stay Sane While Waiting for an Admissions Decision

Posted by Stephanie Millner on 08 April 2016 / 0 Comments

Congratulations, you've submitted your application! Now what? 

After countless months of GMAT prep, essay writing, interviews, and school visits you finally have some time on your hands--which can be the last thing you want while waiting for an admissions decision. If you find yourself checking your email or mailbox multiple times a day looking for that decision letter, it's time to start taking action.

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