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Pretend They’re Your Uber Driver: Tell Admissions Officers Your Whole Story

Posted by Amanda Gharghour: Admit.Me on 11 August 2017 / 0 Comments

An optional essay is always “optional,” so if you have the opportunity to showcase yourself further on your application--DO IT! It can be a valuable and additive component to your application; however, you must use it to your advantage in the right way.

Many optional essays are open-ended, asking you to include anything additional that you believe the admissions committee should know about you. Some ask specific questions that, if relevant to you, should be addressed. For example, you may be asked about your relocation plan if you are choosing a part-time MBA that is far from where you live currently. If it applies to you, then answer it. In these cases, the optional essay is really only “semi” optional.

In general, keep the following in mind when approaching the optional essay, especially for open-ended cases:

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Guest Post

R3 Admissions: The Alternative Facts

Posted by Amanda Gharghour: Admit.Me on 08 March 2017 / 1 Comment

You are THAT person: last to the team meeting; last to make the final boarding call; last to the party. If this sounds like you, maybe you’re trying to figure out if round 3 actually affords applicants a viable MBA admission opportunity. It may seem like an easy answer for admissions experts – the general convention is to wait until next year, but this may not ring true for every applicant. Before procrastinators around the world start feverishly completing applications, let me make it abundantly clear that round 3 is not ideal for most candidates. That being said, I want to take some time to address some alternative facts should you decide to take a shot at round 3 admission:

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