Alumni Profile: Syracuse University, Whitman School of Management

Posted by Sarah Swan on 08 September 2015 / 0 Comments

Shubhankar Goel, alumnus of Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management, explains how the hands-on curriculum and engaging classroom environment enriched his MBA experience. Originally from India, Shubhankar, who now resides in New Jersey, also gives advice for fellow international students studying abroad.

Shubhankar Goel

MBA Syracuse University-Whitman School of Management
Associate Brand Manager, Reckitt Benckiser, U.S.A

What are some activities you were involved with outside of class? How did you balance your time?

Outside of class I was actively part of the Consulting Club that helped me gain a wealth of experience consulting for small businesses in the U.S. Additionally, as a VP of the Graduate Student Organization, I also organized all the social events for the Graduate student community at the business school. Even with all of the additional activities, balancing time wasn’t very difficult. Keeping a fixed schedule for all my activities helped a lot with time management.

What has been your favorite classroom experience?

My favorite classroom experience has been the brand management class at Whitman. Not only was the curriculum interesting for an aspiring marketer such as myself, the class involved running simulations around managing brands that really helped bring the practical aspect of branding to class.

Why did you choose your MBA program? Do you have advice to students on how to make a decision?

I chose this MBA program because of its smaller class size and the proximity to a big city like New York. The smaller class size provided that personalized experience and the close proximity to the city was ideal for me to find potential jobs in my industry.

What resources and support did your school offer you through the career search?

The Career Services department at Whitman helped me develop a professional profile that suited my industry perfectly. From resume feedback to interview preps, the department was really helpful to equip me with all the resources I needed to put my best foot forward in interviews.

What advice can you give to ease the transition into a new country?

My biggest advice to future candidates will be to have an open mind when you plan to study abroad. There are many opportunities that I found here that I would have never found if I wasn’t a tad open about what I wanted to pursue. An open mind also helped me adapt and enjoy the new culture even more.

What resources does your MBA program have for international students?

My school offered a variety of services for international students. Some of them were; helping with public speaking skills, interviews, connecting with international alumni for networking.

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