Alumni Profile: Georgia Tech, Nasia Haque

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Nasia Haque, an MBA graduate from Georgia Tech, discusses how her MBA led her to her dream job at Disney.

Name: Nasia Haque

School: MBA, Scheller College of Business, Georgia Tech

Profession: Technology Management Associate, The Walt Disney Company, Los Angeles, CA


Student Life

How would you describe the school’s social scene?  What do people do for fun outside of class?

Scheller MBAs enjoy a great social scene.  Every Thursday, there is an organized social held at various restaurants and bars around Atlanta.  Since we live in an affordable metropolis, there are lots of events we would attend together, from music festivals to museum visits.

How has your cohort/classmates influenced your MBA experience?

My classmates were my favorite part of my MBA.  Our graduating classes are small, around 70 students, which allows for you to get to know everyone pretty well along with their significant others, kids, and even pets.  Scheller also advocates a non-cutthroat environment.  We aren’t each other’s competition, we are each other’s support system.  This lead to a very encouraging environment that I truly thrived in.


Why an MBA?

When did you decide you wanted to pursue an MBA?  What inspired you?

It was my birthday in early June and I was taking stock of my current life circumstances.  I realized was not as fulfilled at my job/career as I would like to be and decided to take action.  I called Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business the next day asking if they had room for their Fall full-time MBA class.  I was very, very lucky they even considered my very late application and the process was so promising and optimistic.


How did you decide that an MBA was the next step for you?  Do you have advice for students considering an MBA on how to make that decision?

In my former life as an engineer, I realized very quickly that I was not meant to sit in front of a computer all day coding.  Instead, I really enjoyed working with others, working as a team, and making an influence.  However, I did not want to abandon the ever-changing technology industry.  Earning my MBA was a very logical step, a way to combine my interests in technology and to hone my interpersonal skills.

An MBA is a great way to accelerate your career and really work on skills that you may not get in your current job.  I would never have been as comfortable interviewing, networking or presenting as I am now without my MBA education.  I also learned a lot more about finance, marketing, and operations - areas I was never exposed to in my IT career.  If you’re looking to diversify your skills, an MBA is the perfect avenue to do so.


What resources and support did your school offer you through the career search?

I owe a lot to Scheller’s Career Services.  From day one, I told my personal career counselor that I wanted to work for Disney, a lifelong dream of mine.  Of course, Career Services gave me realistic expectations and guided me into casting a wider net, between info sessions, interviews, and career conferences which exposed me to other companies and helped hone my interview skills.  However, once it was time to apply to a full-time position at Disney for my post-graduation job, Career Services really supported my tunnel vision.  I had various editing sessions of my resume, connected with alumni at the company, and had multiple practice interview sessions, not only with my career counselor but also with the head of our career services department.  In the end, all efforts were rewarded because I was able to join my dream company after graduating.



Advice for future applicants

How did you fund your MBA?  Can you offer any advice to students looking to finance their MBA?

I primarily funded my MBA through student loans, though I did have some savings that helped.  I considered having a part-time job while attending school full time to help with my expenses, however, I was happy I did not.  Although taking out loans was not ideal, I did not want to compromise focusing on my MBA education and the job hunt since both really did take up all of my time and energy.



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