Alumni Profile: Boston College, Lauren Prozeller

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Previously shared by Boston College, Lauren Prozeller, BC MBA '15, gives her take on the MBA program and how it helped her to grow as a person. 

Name: Lauren Prozeller

School: MBA, Carroll School of Management, Boston College

Profession: Senior Business Consultant, Corporate Development Program, Liberty Mutual Insurance


Why an MBA? 

Why Lauren chose her MBA program:

With a degree in political science and history, Lauren lacked the business knowledge needed to advance in her marketing career.  After five years working in a variety of marketing jobs, Lauren felt that she lacked a competitive edge on her peers and would need a business degree to move up in her career.  

There are so many programs out there, but when Lauren was looking into the details of the different MBA options, she saw that BC would be the right fit for her.  


Activities at BC outside of classes:

Boston College requires students to partipicate in 20 hours of community service to show a sense of social responsibility, an attractive quality of their program for Lauren.  She said, "BC attracts people who want to have a positive impact, whether it's in their communities or in business."  

Lauren was able to develop programs to promote networking and professional learning experiences for her fellow peers and alumni through her role as the co-president of Graduate Women in Business. On her BC experience, Lauren stated, “There are so many opportunities at BC but it’s a busy time - you’re only here for two years so make the most of it and go to every event that you can. It’ll be worth it in the end.”

During her time at BC, Lauren took part in the Graduate Tech Treck.  A group of graduate students visits 24 technology companies on the West Coast, such as Google, Apple, and Vmware. Hear her talk about her experience:

The BC MBA | TechTrek from Creative Communication Assoc. on Vimeo.



Lauren's Internship Experience:

During her MBA program, Lauren earned an internship with Liberty Mutual.  There she worked as a Corportate Development Program Summer Associate.  She was able to secure this position with the help of BC's Career Strategies Office.

At the end of her internship, Lauren was offered a fulltime position with Liberty Mutual, where she now works in the Corporate Development Program.  

Listen to Lauren talk about how she has grown through her experience at BC Carroll:

The BC MBA | Transformation from Creative Communication Assoc. on Vimeo.


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