Alumni Profile: Carolina Samsing, Babson College

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Carolina Samsing, orginally from Chile, opens up about her goals as both an international student and female in a predominately male field, and how pursuing her MBA at Babson College has set her up for success.

Carolina Samsing

MBA Babson College
Marketing Manager for Latin America at Hubspot (Boston, MA)

What are some activities you were involved with outside of class? How did you balance your time?

As a woman in business I had two goals that I wanted to accomplish with my Babson MBA. First to learn all the business skills I could to become a great marketer and second to encourage other women to get involved in business. Where I come from you don’t see that many women in leadership positions. Even now very few are pursuing an MBA. To put it into perspective, of the 140 Chilean’s that are pursuing their MBA in the US, only 5 are women, that is not even 5%.

When classes started I not only focused on my academic work but I also got involved in everything that I could to help promote women in leadership.In my first year I became part of the marketing team at BAWMBA (babson association of women MBAs) and also in the Latin America Club. In my second year I became the president of the women association where we worked hard to foster a safe place for the female members of the Babson community to develop themselves professionally and personally.While on BAWMBA we launched the first one and one mentorship program for women MBAs and the first Babson connect to help connect current MBAs with former successful alumni.

What do you think is Babson's greatest asset?

Babson’s greatest asset is the entrepreneurial thought and action that is weaved in every course and activity. One of the best courses is the Babson consulting project where you get the opportunity to work with a team consulting for a real company.

This course was a great way to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and a creative approach to problem solving which is something that is vital to most business today.

Have your interests and passions changed since beginning your MBA program?

While pursuing my MBA at Babson I learned that being entrepreneurial does not only refer to starting your own company. In fact being entrepreneurial is much greater than that, it is a mindset, one that allows you to think differently and be resourceful. One of my new passion is innovation and how companies must always innovate in order to stay current.

Another one of my passions is women’s leadership. I hope to help women overcome the glass ceiling and seize new opportunities, allowing them to thrive in business. One of my long term goals is to go back home and hopefully start an organization that promotes women in leadership.

What inspired you to pursue your MBA abroad and what have been the greatest benefits of doing so?

Every day the world is becoming a more global place so I wanted to do an MBA abroad in order to develop a strong global view. Doing an MBA at Babson not only allowed me to learn from almost every culture in the world, but I can now say that I have friends all over the world too.

What was the biggest challenge you faced as an international student?

One of my goals while studying at Babson was to have the opportunity to work at a startup. I had this opportunity but as an international student it was challenging. Most small companies don’t know how to hire or deal with international students, so I would recommend you educate yourself about the opportunities that you can have due to your status as an international student.

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