MBA Success Story: 3 Alumni Perspectives on the Benefits of studying an MBA

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Three International MBA Alumni from South Korea share their experience at different Business Schools in the UK, Canada & Ireland

MBA Alumni Name: Sanghee Park
Business School: Trinity College Dublin
Grad year: 2014
Home town: Seoul, South Korea
Current Position: Assistant Manager Business Development & Planning / Kael-GemVax, South Korea

At what point in your career did you know you wanted to pursue an MBA?
I still remember the day when a senior pharmacist said if there was one thing he would change it would be to have an MBA earlier stage in his career. Ever since I got qualified as a pharmacist, I always wanted to pursue an MBA. Moreover, I was fortunate to study my MBA in a world-class business school.

What's unique about your business school?
Completing my MBA program at Trinity College Dublin was extremely rewarding. The Trinity MBA program helped me acquire a broad understanding of all the different aspects relevant in the business world. Unlike other specialised MBA programs, the Trinity MBA gave me universal skill sets that are applicable in ever-increasing competitive business worlds.

What has been your favorite classroom experience?
My favorite classroom experience was our week at the Leuven Institute in Belgium where we focused on issues of regional management and strategy as well as negotiations workshops facilitated by a world-renowned negotiator, Professor David Venter.

Name: Sei Moon
Business School: Cass Business School
Grad year: 2012
Home town: Seoul, South Korea
Current Position: Analyst, Better Capital, London

How has your school network benefited your career?
I was introduced to Better Capital through a project run by Guy Fraser-Sampson, Senior Fellow, who runs the Private Equity elective. I probably would not have my current job if it were not for the school network.

What are the benefits of studying your MBA in London?
The biggest benefit of doing an MBA in London is the huge advantage you have in terms of networking with industry professionals whether you are looking to get into finance or launch your own start up. It is very easy to arrange a coffee with someone locally. On a less academic note, doing an MBA in London means you can experience all the fantastic food and culture London has to offer!

What's unique about your school?
The comparatively small size of the MBA cohort (we had 80) is something that I really appreciated because it was possible to develop close relationships with your classmates and professors. The professors at Cass were all very open to engaging with us which made the experience more personal.

Name: Tae Gyun Moon
Business School: Queen's MBA
Grad year: 2014
Home town: Daegu, South Korea
Current Position: Management Associate, TD Bank Canada

What are the biggest benefits of doing your MBA in Canada?
Canada has world-class potential and solid opportunities in the financial, energy, resource related industries. Getting your MBA in Canada allows you to take advantage of these industries.

At what point in your career did you know you wanted to pursue an MBA?
When I was working at a startup in the Silicon Valley, I realized that I lacked formal business training and knowledge. That's why I decided it was time to get a MBA. My criteria in selecting MBA was simple: 1 year program, small cohort, and reputation.

What's unique about your business school?
The team approach really prepares you for the real work environment in Canada. You get the detailed support you need (and the faculty treats you like a family) because it's a small program.

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