Alumni Advice: Finding an Internship

Posted by Stephanie Millner on 20 April 2016 / 0 Comments

Summer is around the corner! While thoughts of beach vacations may come to mind, current MBA students are focusing on one thing: securing an internship. 

A summer internship is an extremely important component of your MBA. It allows you to apply the knowledge you've gained and make connections that could lead to a full time position post graduation. Internships also allow you to test the waters of a career or field in which you are interested. 

MBA interns aren't fetching coffee and filing papers, far from it. These internships come with high salaries and lots of responsibility. So how does one go about getting that internship offer? We asked MBA alumni to provide us with their advice. 

1) Do Your Research

The first step of an internship search is actually deciding what type of internship you want. What field interests you the most? How will this internship help you build your work experience and aid you in getting to your end career goal? By researching different companies and positions, reading lots of job descriptions, and conducting informational interviews you'll be able to get a sense of what internship opportunity would be best suited for you, your abilities, and your career goals. 


2) Connect With Your Alumni Network

One of the biggest benefits of getting your MBA is access to an incredible network of alumni. Remember, these alumni were once in your shoes. Who better to speak with than someone who attended your program and is now pursuing a career in which they are passionate and successful? A simple LinkedIn message or a connection via your school's Career Services will help you to begin the conversation.


3) Utilize Career Services

Your school's Career Services team is there to help you along your internship search. From resume workshops and mock-interviews, to company visits, on-campus recruiting events and career fairs, it's important to take advantage of the many resources at hand.  


4) Consult Your Classmates, Join a Club

There are two ways to look at your MBA peers during internship application season: as competition or as connections. By viewing them as the latter, you're opening yourself up to a entire network of people who can aid you in achieving your internship goal. It's also important to utilize the resources around campus that students have developed. Are you interested in Management Consulting? Join your school's Management Consulting Club and work with its members to prep for interviews and develop your proficiency in the subject. By utilizing these on campus networks and resoruces, you'll be not only working to accomplish your goal of finding an internship, but also enriching your MBA experience and building connections that will last far beyond graduation. 




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