A Day in the LIfe of an MBA Student

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Posted by TheMBATour on 25 January 2017 / 0 Comments

You've heard of an MBA, you've seen a glossy brochure for a business school, you might have even visited a school's campus or sat in on a class; but, have you ever wondered what an MBA student actually does all day? We teamed up with recent MBA grad (and retired Olympic skier), Dasha Gaiazova, for a peak into her life as full-time MBA student at HEC Montréal.

About Dasha: 

Dasha is a two-time Olympian (2010 & 2014) in cross-country skiing, and a proud first generation Canadian. Top ranked Canadian female skier in 2011-2014, World Cup multi-medalist and 14-time Canadian Champion, she retired from the high-performance sport in June 2014. Since then she has fulfilled her dream of pursuing an MBA. Dasha fully immersed herself into an intensive 14-month program at HEC Montréal, graduating in 2016. 

She never imagined all the opportunities that the MBA degree has opened for her. As a B.Sc graduate in Hydrology and Physics, she was unsure if doing an MBA was the right way for her to advance her career after sports. However, the program provided Dasha with a paradigm shift in her way of thinking about many facets of business administration.

You call follow Dasha's adventures on Twitter: @ski_dash


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