5 Ways to Stay Sane While Waiting for an Admissions Decision

Posted by Stephanie Millner on 08 April 2016 / 0 Comments

Congratulations, you've submitted your application! Now what? 

After countless months of GMAT prep, essay writing, interviews, and school visits you finally have some time on your hands--which can be the last thing you want while waiting for an admissions decision. If you find yourself checking your email or mailbox multiple times a day looking for that decision letter, it's time to start taking action.

1) Take a Break from Social Media

During admissions season, social media is a flurry of "I got accepted!" posts and "Congratulations, you're admitted" screenshots. While it's exciting to see your friends receive their acceptance letters, it can add unneeded stress as you wait. Try taking a break from social media to calm your nerves and focus on the present.

2) Get off the Message Boards!

Message boards can be great resources when researching schools and applying for programs. However, when a once helpful conversation turns to fellow applicants pondering the fate of their applications, it can just be stressful. Once you submit your application it doesn't help to hear about all of the things other people did or their theories on the admissions process. Trust that you did the best you can.

3) Make a Plan

It's fun to daydream about what your life will be like when you get accepted to your top choice MBA program. What most people avoid is picturing not getting in. While it's not something that's exciting to think about, it's important to prep yourself for both decisions. Make a list of proactive steps you can take like planning to apply to a different program, increasing your GMAT score, or enhancing your work experience. Thinking about alternatives will help put your mind at ease. 

4) Pick up a Good Book

Nothing is more distracting than a great read. Want to keep your head in the game? Check out these must-read business books to get you ahead before the semester even begins. 

5) Talk about Something Else!

It's easy to find yourself talking about MBA admissions all the time--it's been on your mind 24/7 for the past year (or more) already. It's especially easy to fall into the trap if your peers are also awaiting admissions decisions. Make a conscious effort to change the subject when you hear yourself rambling on about waiting to hear back. 

Remember, this too shall pass! Before you know it, you'll have an answer. We're keeping our fingers crossed for success all around!!

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