5 Tips for Showing How You'll Give Back

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By Linda Abraham, president & founder of Accepted.com

Admissions committees accept applicants who prove in their MBA applications that they will contribute in the future – to the student body, alumni community, and society at large. They are not just looking for people who will become super successful and write sizable checks, but who will actively participate in, engage in, and improve the business world.

So how do you persuasively demonstrate your drive to contribute? The following tips will further help you show the adcom that your past foreshadows a future of contributing to your b-school, community, and society-at-large.

1. Show, don’t tell.

This is classic advice that we use when explaining how to convey your personal story in an application essay. The point here is that simply telling over your point (“I’m a big-hearted do-gooder who plans on contributing to society.”) is not nearly as effective as describing specific examples that show the adcom that you have a do-gooder spirit with concrete plan to contribute. There’s no reason why the adcom should take you at your word.

2. Point to the past.

The best way to demonstrate your plans for the future or your give-back attitude is through past behavior. If you’ve gotten involved in your community in the past, there’s a good chance that you’ll do so again in the future.

3. Highlight your give-back skills.

Discussing ways in which you’ve shown initiative and utilized and improved your people skills and organizational talent will prove to the adcom that you’ve got the tools needed to get involved in the future.

4. Show how you can share.

Now that you’ve demonstrated your skills, it’s time to show how those skills are transferable. Discuss ways in which you plan on impacting others by sharing your unique talents.

5. Discuss how your business school will help.

Finally, you want to let the admissions officers know that their school is essential in your big-picture give-back scheme.

Make sure your essay on contributing touches on each of the above topics – how you’ve contributed in the past, the skills and tools you’ve developed, the ways in which you plan on impacting those around you, and the way that your future b-school will be instrumental in helping you contribute in the future. This will show the adcom that you mean business when it comes to giving back!

Linda Abraham, president & founder of Accepted.com, the premier admissions consultancy & essay editing company, has helped applicants around the world gain admissions to 450+ top schools since 1994. She is the co-author of MBA Admission for Smarties.

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