5 Things to know about taking the GMAT

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How important is the GMAT?

“The GMAT is the same test for everyone, so it’s really important… but that doesn’t mean it’s the most important thing.”

Sharon Hill, Admissions Director, Bentley University, McCallum Graduate School of Business

What's the secret to unlocking a 700 on the GMAT?

“Practice makes perfect, but how you practice means everything… Your objective must be to develop deep familiarity with each type of problem.”

Eric Caballeri, Executive Director and GMAT Instructor, Manhattan Prep

Should I Retake the GMAT?

In order to determine if you need to, answer 2 questions:
1: Do you need to retake the GMAT?
2: Can you change the outcome?

Linda Abraham, Founder and CEO of Accepted.com

How do I Overcome Test Anxiety?

“When you experience test anxiety it’s actually a build of too much dopamine in your brain, when taking exams dopamine automatically floods into the pre-frontal cortex increasing the firing rate of neurons and speeding up your brain like a turbo charger… thus having test anxiety doesn’t mean you are weak, or stupid, or anything negative. Quite the opposite!”

Eric Caballeri, Executive Director and GMAT Instructor, Manhattan Prep

How to plan for taking the GMAT?

"We recommend at least 2 to 3 months of a process, and not to combine the application process with the study process of the exam."

Mario Carias, GMAT & GRE Instructor, The Princeton Review

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